Car Security Systems by light, ‘Black light’


ㆍProduct Name : Black Light
ㆍManufacturers : J-PARTS’s
ㆍSecurity features, Interworking function with black box
The applied vehicles are the vehicles that secured the wiring diagram.

Parking terrorism prevention system
Car Security Systems by light, Black light
▶ Product Name : BL-300
  • Car Security Systems by light
  • Vehicle illuminates by shock detection. And, works with blackbox
  • Shock memory notifications.(if the car get a shock during parking, beep sound occurs 5 times when you have ‘Key on’)
  • Restart function (Even when the black box is off by undervoltage lockout, if the impact is sensed, ‘black light’ boost the electric. So that, supplying power to the black box until 5 times.)
  • The operation of the black light is stopped on boundary mode automatic switching and unlocked state of car.
  • Power of 13V ~ 14V can be always supply to the black box stably.
  • The undervoltage detection feature of ± 1% error range is equipped.

Detail View

Parking Terror Prevention System ‘Black Light’

* For detailed DIP switch setting method and wiring connection, refer to the instruction manual.

Shock sensor The white volume adjusts the shock detection level. (Adjust the sensitivity in the clockwise direction) The impact sensor is screwed directly to the vehicle’s plastic structure to facilitate shock detection. For complete security features, you can add shock detection sensors for front and back installation.

Light Sensor & LED Security The LED illuminance sensor operates from 30 seconds after the vehicle door is locked. It blinks every 5 seconds in the daytime, 3 seconds in the nighttime, and 1 second in case of shock.


Black Light Package.

1. Black Light

2. Shock sensor

3. Light Sensor & LED Security

4. Connect Cable)

5. Manual ※ DIY is not recommended without a car wiring diagram.

All IN ONE security system

Black Light system

Parking terrorism prevention system
Car Security Systems by light, Black light

▶ Product Name : BL-300

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Weight 400 g

Not selected, Shock sensor (+$27.00)

Applied Vehicles

Not selected, 2012 Hyundai Grandeur HG, Hyundai Avante MD, 2006 Hyundai New Avante XD, 2011 KIA K7, 2011 KIA K5, 2011 KIA Pride, 2008 KIA Grand Canival GLX, 2011 KIA Grand Canival, 2010 KIA Sorento, 2011 Samsung SM7 New art, 2012 Chevrolet Cruz 1.8 (Key Type), 2012 Volkswagen Pasat TDI


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