CAN Walk-In Module For BMW


CAN-BUS Walk-In Module
ㆍProduct Name : WK-CAN-20DH
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Car seat control of the passenger seat
CAN-BUS Walk-In system For BMW
▶ Product Name : WK-CAN-20DH
  • The Walk-In system for convenient control of the passenger seat from the driver’s seat.
  • Available for various BMW models.
  • Accurate position control without error by CAN-BUS.
  • Controll the passenger seat with original BMW iDrive controller.
  • No damage to car seat.


Car Models Production Year Specific Models
BMW iDrive CIC / NBT / EVO

Easy control for passenger seat, Walk-in System

The walk-in is a system that allows the driver to manipulate the assisting seat with the original BMW i-Drive. With CAN BUS control method, there is no error, and there is no damage to car seat.

WALK-IN System for 2017 BMW 5series G30



1. Switch Module

2. CAN Module

3. Swtich Cable

4. CAN Cable

5. Data Cable



WK-CAN-20DH CAN Walk-In System

No damage to car seat

How To Use

Button Operation Function
 BACK / OPTION   Long press for more than 3 seconds  Activate walk-in mode (1 beep sound)  If you do not press the buttons (Dial Button, Back, or Option) for more than 3 seconds, walk-in mode is disabled. 
Short press Mode switch (Used after activation of walk-in mode.) (UP, DOWN ↔ FRONT, BACK)
Dial Button Move UP or DOWN Passenger seat moves to UP, DOWN, FRONT, BACK directions. * Available after activation of walk-in mode.
Car seat control of the passenger seat
CAN-BUS Walk-In system For BMW

▶ Product Name : WK-CAN-20DH

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Weight 500 g


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