EW200 Easy Access & Walk-In For Mercedes


Easy access & Walk-in
ㆍProduct Name : EW200

Automatic car seat control (The driver’s seat and the passenger seat)
Easy access & walk-in system for Mercedes-Benz
▶ Product Name : EW200
  • Easy Access Seats & Walk-In for Mercedes-Benz(Automatic car sheet control)
  • Support the Mercedes-Benz E, C, GLK, CLS, Class
  • Control the exact position without error. (CAN-BUS control)
  • Control to the passenger seat by original button of Mercedes.
  • No damage car seat
  • Can be installed to various types of New Mercedes.
  • Easy installation


Car Models Production Year Specific Models
C-Class 2009 – W204, W205
E-Class 2010 – W212
CLS-Class 2011 – W218
GLK-Class 2012 – X204
ML-Class 2012 – W166

EW200 Easy access & Walk-in System


Detail View

EW200 Module

SIZE : WIDTH – 62mm / LENGTH – 55mm




IW200 Package.

1. Main Body

2. Main Cable


Easy Access System

It will work when the driving position and the getting off position are set.

Memory Sheet #1 – Drive Position Save

Memory Sheet #3 – Getting ON&OFF Position Save

Easy access ON / OFF setting (Press memory seat number 1 button 5 times in quick succession)

Walk-in System

There is no damage to the car seat.

If you push the ‘C’or‘★’ button for 3 second, the passenger seat control will begin. (Beep sound occurs twice)

You can movement control of passenger seat using original controller.

When you are no action, Beep sound occurs twice after 3 second. ( Deactivate the Walk-In system )

Automatic car sheet control
Easy access & walk-in system for Mercedes-Benz

▶ Product Name : EW200

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Weight 200 g


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