[Capacitive Touch Panel] Mercedes E220D(W213)

Capacitive Touch Panel For Mercedes Benz E220D
ㆍProduct Name : E220D-Touch
ㆍSame touch sensitivity as smartphone.
ㆍAnalog instrument panel only.
ㆍTYPE : Clear
ㆍApplied Model : Only Mercedes Benz E220D

Mercedes-Benz E220D Custom / Full Film & Glass Touch(Clear) / High-Quality
Capacitive Touch Panel For Benz E220D
▶ Product Name : Benz E220D-Touch
  • Perfect compatible with OEM monitor of the Mercedes-Benz E220D(W213)
  • Capacitive Touch Panel like smartphone.
  • Full Film type.
  • It has excellent transmittance and touch perception, luxurious appearance, and rugged reliability because the touch part is designed as capacitive touch glass.
  • Implement a clean and vivid color by clear type.
  • FPC film can be removed from the touch panel. (Easy replacement when touch film is damaged)
  • Produced exclusively from INDIWORK.


Car Models Specific Models
Mercedes-Benz E220D (W213)

Capacitive Touch Screen For Benz E220D (Full Film & Glass Touch)

+ About the Product Size (The maximum length) +

Width : 750mm   |  Height : 150mm   |   Touch Film : 180mm

What is ‘Capacitive Touch’ Screen Panel?

The capacitive touch panel works by sensing the static electricity of the people like smartphone. It is not a pressure-sensitive touch that activated by pressure.
Because, It has excellent transmittance and touch perception, and durability.

INDIWORK’s capacitive touch was designed in the same shape as OEM monitor.
So, you will not feel that their shape was different after installation.

High-Quality and Clear Type

Detail Images of the Benz E220D Capacitive Touch Panel


Attach the touch panel on the frame of the OEM monitor.


Mercedes-Benz E220D (W213) Capacitive Touch Screen

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Weight 1500 g


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