[Resistive Touch Panel] 8-inch


Resistive Touch Panel For Mercedes-Benz
ㆍProduct Name : 8-BENZ
ㆍTYPE : Clear
ㆍApplied Model : Mercedes-Benz COMAND NTG 3 & 3.5 [S(W221), CL(W216)], Honda – Legend(old)

Resistive Touch Panel For Oiginal Monitor
8-inch Clear Type Touch Screen Panel
▶ Product Name : 8-inch Touch Screen Panel
  • Applies to BMW OEM 8-inch monitor.
  • Implement a clean and vivid color by clear type.
  • Excellent transmittance of the thickness 1.3mm


Car Models Specific Models
Mercedes-Benz COMAND NTG 3 & 3.5 [S(W221), CL(W216)]
Hyundai Genesis(old), Equus(old)
etc Honda – Legend(old)

+ Product Size +

Width : 188.8mm   |  Height : 118.8mm   |   Touch Film : 100mm

8-inch Clear Type Touch Screen Panel

For The OEM Monitor

▲ Clear Touch Panel

▲ Non-Clear Touch Panel

(Thickness : 1.3mm)

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Weight 200 g


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